July 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 13)


Strong Points: Minimal commercialization, large collection of pathways
Weak Points: Some of the text formatting is glitchy


I love collecting the free metabolic and signaling pathway posters at vendor shows, and I especially appreciate those that focus more on the science and less on the commercial advertisement. That is why I appreciate the pathways collection of Biocarta. While it is located on a commercial site, the user is not bombarded with “we have a product for that!” messages as he/she browses the wonderful pathway maps. Pathways are organized into 12 categories, but visitors to the site may also search by the name of the pathway, a gene name, or multiple genes. The site also contains instructions on how you, too, can submit a pathway—and downloadable templates are provided to assist you in doing so. While it may not stop me from acquiring freely available, glossy posters wherever I can find them, the pathways website is certainly a great resource when you need instant pathway gratification.

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