October 15, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 18)


Strong Points: A lot of useful info
Weak Points: Awful design

Here is a blog worth mentioning that covers biotechnology. Apparently subscribing to the notion that if the word blog appears in the title, the layout of the site must be rather chaotic, BioBOOM still brings a lot to the table. Starting with a stock ticker at the top of the opening page and recent stories beneath it, BioBOOM sprawls with links to Websites, meeting, and professional organization below that, followed by another section near the bottom called Up to Date BioBOOM BioTech News. If that wasn’t enough, beneath that is a set of links to the latest medical news. Wait, I’m not done—after that, there is another section of links to other blogs. Compounding the organizational obstacles, each section has a style and color scheme inconsistent with the previous one. It’s all too bad, because there is a tremendous amount of useful info here. Hopefully BioBOOM will hit it big and be able to afford to hire a site designer.

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