June 15, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 12)


Strong Points: Great user interface, good tutorials and analysis tools
Weak Points: None


As data have become increasingly digital, so, too, have laboratory notebooks. When done well, digital/online laboratory notebook solutions can be very handy, providing a convenient way to upload and share protocols, images, and notes. Benchling is a recent addition to the digital lab notebook landscape, and it offers the above features and then some. Beyond standard features such as the ability to drag-and-drop images or files and organizational tools like checklists, Benchling also provides DNA analysis tools like a plasmid editor, sequence alignment tools, a primer designer, and a library of restriction enzyme cut sites. There is also a particular emphasis on tools that facilitate CRISPR genome editing experiments by identifying optimal guide RNA sequences from user-inputted gene sequences. Benchling is completely free to use and comes with 10 GB of space. Users can increase the amount of storage by verifying an academic email address and by inviting friends and colleagues to join.

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