February 1, 2010 (Vol. 30, No. 3)


Strong Points: Nice images, background information
Weak Points: Much of the content is California-specific


Who doesn’t love a fun site about fungus? The Bay Area Mycological Society offers an array of ways to get one’s mushroom fix (and not in that psychedelic mushroom sort of way). Dedicated to “the art and science of mushrooms,” the Bay Area Mycological Society provides information about the club’s activities and region-specific mushroom facts, although there are also resources to benefit curious readers outside of sunny California. The “mushroom of the month” profiles different species (this month is the Death Cap’s moment in the spotlight), while the “poisonings” page offers useful (and potentially life-saving) information. There are even some mushroom recipes (not to be used with the mushrooms pictured on the poisonings page!). One need not be a mushroom maniac in order to appreciate this site—indeed, it offers a nice introduction to anyone looking to tap into his/her inner mycologist.

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