January 1, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 1)


Strong Points: Good writing, easy to read
Weak Points: A bit too focused on music

Here’s another first for On the Web. I’ve previously covered vision-, touch-, and smell–related pages, so I guess it is time to cover sound. Art Ludwig’s Sound Page is an excellent place to start. Begin with What is Sound to get a non–techie, but interesting read on the topic. Move to My Music Room to learn how the author used his knowledge of sound to construct his music room. If you’re looking for techno descriptions of sound, check out Music/Human Hearing or Physics of Sound, which provide excellent coverage of these aspects of sound. Finally, to applications of sound knowledge, look to Room Acoustics and Sound System Design, where the author comes back to his interest in sound relative to room design and music. Other features include links to different sound considerations (Table of Contents) and a Microsoft rant (Bill Gates gives me the shaft once again). A fun and informative read.

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