September 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 16)


Strong Points: Genome information for different aphid species
Weak Points: Cumbersome site navigation


AphidBase is one of the genomics resources created by BIPAA (the BioInformatics Platform for Agroecosystem Arthropods). Unsurprisingly, this online resource provides genomic sequence information about aphids. Seven different aphid species are represented on the site. Site visitors can download the sequencing data for their species of interest and can also search the data by gene name. Individual gene pages include information about sequence alignments and analyses, annotated terms, GO annotation, and homology, and users are also provided the polypeptide sequence for the gene. While there are plenty of data to explore, navigating the site can be a tad frustrating because there is no easy way to navigate back to the AphidBase homepage from any of the gene pages. (Instead, one must click back to the BIPAA home page.)

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