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Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Validation information provided, includes direct links to vendors

Weak Points: None


Immunohistochemistry is a vital technique across many scientific fields, but finding and troubleshooting appropriate antibodies can be a burden. Luckily, Antibodypedia can help with its catalog of validated antibodies. Users can search for the protein of interest and its intended application, such as Western blots or immunohistochemistry. Each search produces a short description of the protein’s function and a long list of available antibodies organized by vendor. Each antibody listed includes basic information, relevant references, and any validation data that has been submitted to the website (including by the user). Additionally, the website provides a link to the vendor so that users who have found the perfect antibody can order it right away. Antibodypedia dramatically simplifies the search for validated antibodies and is a great resource for anyone using immunological techniques in the lab.