Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Easy to use and search, tutorials provided for new users

Weak Points: Website is a little slow

Annotree provides a beautiful and easy-to-navigate method for examining microbial phylogenetic trees. The current version includes annotations for over 20,000 bacterial genomes, making it an attractive tool for evolutionary biologists and microbiologists. Users are able to view the entire tree from a variety of resolution levels, from phylum and class down to genus and species. Users can search for specific species based off of taxonomy, KEGG, or Pfam identifiers. The website also allows users to export and save the tree. Example queries and tutorials are provided for new users, and there are also downloads available, including the database from which the tree was built. The website is a little slow, but overall Annotree is a great tool for examining the evolutionary relationships between bacteria in a beautiful format.

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