Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Very well-organized and easy to navigate. Enormous amount of information for all types of viewers

Weak Points: None


Spinal cord injuries affect thousands of new patients every year and there is abundant clinical and basic research aimed toward determining the best methods of intervention and treatment. The American Spinal Injury Association website is the best page to visit for those wondering about the status of this ongoing research and to learn more about current therapies and practices. The website provides a wide variety of information about the organization itself, such as upcoming meetings and information about available funding and awards. There is also an e-Learning center that provides short courses for clinicians about common side effects and treatment standards for patients with spinal cord injuries. Additionally, there is extensive information and resources for members of the public, who may themselves be struggling with an injury and searching for information. The American Spinal Injury Association website is an excellent resource for learning more about spinal cord injuries, whether you are a researcher, clinician, or patient.

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