Allen Institute for Cell Science Visual Guide to Human Cells

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Images are detailed and interactive; numerous additional resources are provided for each structure.

The Allen Institute, long a pioneer in open-access neuroscience, also provides numerous resources in the general cell science sphere. One such resource is their Visual Guide to Human Cells, which contains detailed 3D renderings of the inside of a typical human cell. The guide is grouped into two sections: cell functions and cell structures. In the former, users can browse through typical functions in the cell, such as waste removal and cell division, and learn more about the organelles that regulate these processes. Choosing an organelle highlights its location in the cell and provides a deeper explanation of the organelle’s function, morphology, and how the organelles were visualized by researchers. The guide also shows the differing distribution of organelles depending on what phase of the cell cycle a cell is in. The Visual Guide to Human Cells is a fascinating resource that provides a detailed overview of cell structure and organelles throughout the cell cycle and is well worth a visit for the images alone.

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