Aging, Dementia, and TBI Study

Strong Points: Numerous datasets available for browsing; users can download datasets of interest.

The Aging, Dementia, and TBI study, a collaboration between the Allen Brain Institute, Washington Health Research Institute, Kaiser Permanente, and the University of Washington, aims to characterize the differences seen in aging and injured brains. The study’s website provides a wealth of resources for outside researchers who are interested in looking into the data themselves. Numerous types of data are available for viewing and downloading, including anonymized clinical information about the donors, protein quantification values, and images of tissue that underwent immunohistochemistry protocols. Additionally, RNA sequencing data is available for part of the dataset. Users can browse through both a list of specimens and the available RNA sequencing data. The website also includes extensive documentation that provides information about how the study was conducted, how tissue was collected and processed, and how data was generated. The Aging, Dementia, and TBI Study website is a great resource for neuroscience researchers interested in the impact of aging and injury on the brain.

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