March 15, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 6)


Strong Points: Video highlights and life streams
Weak Points: Occasional camera issues


A warning: this website is very addicting. Symptoms include staring at static images of the African Savannah for hours on end, as well as random outbursts to your roommate such as, “Look! It’s a gazelle!” But I’m getting ahead of myself… The Africam website provides twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week live video streams from multiple recording sites in Africa that showcase different types of wildlife in their natural habitats. If you find that you do tire of staring at a blank screen, you can sign up for sighting alerts via Facebook or Twitter. Beyond the live camera streams the site also includes saved video footage capturing some of the more exciting moments…you know, in case you missed Nessi the black eagle’s first flight or want to watch the pack of wild dogs take down the impala again.

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