October 1, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 17)


Strong Points: Nicely organized in places
Weak Points: Needs a single hierarchical organization

I’ve been disappointed that there has not been more systematic coverage of 2-D gel electrophoresis database images, so I was curious to examine the offerings at this interesting Danish site, focused on breast cancer research. What caught my attention was the opening teaser, titled “Human 2D-PAGE Databases for Proteome Analyses in Health and Disease.” A scan through it revealed considerable promise. First, it is somewhat hierarchically organized with sections on breast cancer, bladder cancer, and other types of cancer. Another section with a different hierarchy led to many images from numerous cell lines. Second, images at each place were only a click away. Third, and best of all, categories of proteins (e.g., chaperonins) could be easily marked on the image at the user’s direction. Other features on the site included an image of the First 2D PAGE, miscellany, and a link to the human protein atlas. The 2-D organization and image collection was some of the best I’ve seen. Definitely worth a check.

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