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Best of the Web

A dynamic foundation. It sounds contradictory. But it isn’t—not if you’re building structures of digital information as opposed to, say, masonry. In the digital case, if you’re interested in personal knowledge management, the foundational material may include nothing grander than … bookmarks.

Do your bookmarks lie in a heap? Or are they neatly arrayed? The latter, we hope! Even so, you need raw materials of sufficient quality and quantity. That’s where GEN can help. Our Best of the Web feature, which appears in alternating issues, can save you hours and hours of searching and browsing.

Each new Best of the Web feature presents a half dozen websites of interest. And all past features are archived here. Review them at your leisure, confident that they have been carefully screened by expert eyes. All Best of the Web entries have withstood the gimlet gaze of our own reviewer, Dr. Taralyn Tan, a curriculum fellow in neurobiology at Harvard Medical School.

Whether your intention is to keep your own informational house in order, or to ascend a social bookmarking pyramid, be sure to check out our Best of the Web selections. Also, if you have suggestions for websites that you would like to see reviewed, send them directly to Taralyn Tan.

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