Rating: Excellent.

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Cost: Free.

Strong Points: Easy to organize and add notes to papers; can access library across different devices.

Organizing and managing a large library of papers and references is not easy. Fortunately, apps like Zotero are here to make that job less tedious and time consuming. Zotero is an excellent reference manager with several useful features built right into the app. Papers can be added to your library in multiple ways, including directly uploading papers saved locally or searching for articles right within the app. After opening a specific paper, the app allows users to highlight important passages or add annotations and sticky notes. Users can organize their library however they’d like, with the help of folders and keywords. Additionally, your library is saved to your account so that you can access it on the mobile app, on your browser, or via Zotero’s desktop app. The app is free to use, although users can pay extra for additional storage space. Zotero’s easy-to-use interface, organization, and accessibility make it a great app for wrangling large paper libraries.

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