February 1, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 3)


Strong Points: Unique layout and navigation, beautiful graphics
Weak Points: None




In its WWF Together App, the World Wildlife Fund has designed a beautiful and informative app. The app features 16 endangered animals, each of which is highlighted in its own section of the app. Upon entering the section for a particular species, users are greeted with a page introducing the unique navigational layout of the app. Content is sprawled across a large area that is divided into regions. Users explore these regions by dragging their fingers on the screen. In this way, users encounter new content each time they enter a new region. This content could be statistics about the animal, an image gallery, or other random facts. Beyond the animal pages, the app also includes an interactive map that allows users to manipulate a virtual 3D globe and learn about various endangered species based on their geography, as well as a news page that highlights relevant stories around the globe.

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