Wolfram Statistics Course Assistant

Wolfram Statistics Course Assistant appapple.co/2o0nOJC

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Covers several important statistical concepts, makes it easy to input and visualize data

Weak Points: None

Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

Cost: $1.99

The Wolfram Statistics Course Assistant is a great app for users who need to visualize a variety of basic statistical plots. The app covers an assortment of different topics, ranging from descriptive statistics and distributions, to data relationships and probability. Each topic is divided into further subtopics. Within each subtopic, users can input their desired parameters and then get information about the results. Each results page comes with a graph of the output and a large amount of additional information. For example, plotting a binomial distribution returns a graph of the results, the resulting probability and cumulative density functions, and a random sample from the distribution. Additionally, the app includes a short tour and video demonstration for new users. The Wolfram Statistics Course Assistant is a great tool for students and researchers alike who need a quick and easy way to visualize common statistical analyses.