April 1, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 7)


Strong Points: Great photos, nice information
Weak Points: LITE version has very limited content




For the nature enthusiast or the adventurous diner, the Wild Berries and Herbs 2 app (and LITE version) by Nature Mobile is a real treat. The app consists of beautiful images of both edible and non-edible herbs and other plants (and fortunately the app tells you which is which). Each entry is accompanied by information such as type of growth (climbing shrub, for instance), type and description of fruit, and descriptions of the foliage, all of which is nicely represented by graphical symbols. In addition, the app includes the ability for registered users to upload sightings of specific plants and to also submit queries to the online community. Unfortunately, the LITE version is incredibly light on content, designed only to give you a taste of the full app that can be purchased for $5.99. For comparison, the LITE version includes 15 species and 200 photos, while the full (“pro”) version includes 186 species and 1,400 photos.

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