Virtual Learning Academy 3D

Virtual Learning Academy 3DRating: Good

Strong Points: Enjoyable to work through lessons, which cover a lot of information.

Weak Points: Weekly cost is prohibitive.

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Cost: Free to download, then $9.99 per week


Virtual Learning Academy 3D is a great tool for educators or anyone who wants a fun way to brush up on basic math and science topics. The app includes lessons for major topics such as atomic models, human anatomy, and electromagnetism. Each lesson includes several subsections through which users can make their way. For each new piece of information, the app includes both a write-up describing the phenomenon and helpful 3D diagrams and animations. The lessons are accessible and entertaining and could be a great supplement to lessons taught in the classroom. Unfortunately, there are currently only seven courses available (with the promise that there are more on the way), and although the app is free to download and try, it does require a $9.99 per week subscription fee after that. Overall though, Virtual Learning Academy 3D is a fun way to review major topics in math and science.