Rating: Very Good

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Cost: Free.

Strong Points: Extensive tutorials and instructional videos.

Weak Points: A bit difficult to navigate on a phone screen, but tablet and computer versions are available.

Vector graphic software is an invaluable tool for creating exciting and readable figures. However, many programs come with a hefty price tag that may feel like too steep of an investment. Enter Vectornator, a free-to-use vector illustrator that easily translates your documents from the computer to your tablet or smartphone and back again. The app contains all the major tools you need to start creating beautiful vector graphics and will feel familiar to users who have used similar software before. In addition, the app includes Vectornator Academy, which has numerous courses both on how to use the app in general and on more in-depth explanations about the fundamentals of using vectors to create stunning graphics. The app also has a built-in tutorial that walks users through each of the features available. Vectornator is an excellent resource for scientists who want to elevate their figures and is a great alternative to its pricier counterparts.

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