April 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 7)


Strong Points: Nicely organized, includes different types of information and tools
Weak Points: Small number of topics, some short explanations




Designed to accompany a specific course offered at the University of Glasgow, the University of Glasgow Molecular Methods app is in fact a wonderful resource for budding molecular biologists across the globe. Background information is provided for five experimental methods: PCR, directional cloning, restriction mapping, DNA sequencing, and quantitative PCR. The content for these sections consists of a mix of text, embedded video, and links to external resources. From the home page of the app, users can navigate directly to one of these methods; alternatively, users can access the collections of videos or links spanning all methods. In addition, the app includes a quiz feature and a handful of converters and calculators. Finally, a decently sized glossary of key terms is also included.

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