uBio Reference


Rating: Good

Strong Points: Nicely designed, easy to read and navigate uBioReference

Weak Points: External information linked from the app isn’t peer-reviewed

Platform: iPhone/iPad 

Cost: Free

uBio Reference, from the Uniformed Services University, is a handy reference for microbiologists and medical professionals. The app allows users to search directly or browse through a list of common fungal, bacterial, and viral pathogens. Clicking on a listed pathogen brings users to a page of additional information, including the method of transmission, the pathogen’s morphology, laboratory tests used to assess the presence of the pathogen, and common symptoms that present in human patients. The app is designed to give users a quick overview of each pathogen, but each page includes a link to further reading for users who want to learn more, and some pages even include pictures. The app provides a tutorial for new users and makes it possible for users to submit feedback or make a suggestion of a pathogen that should be included. uBio is fairly basic but provides a great way to quickly scan for information about pathogens of interest.