February 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 3)


Strong Points: Easy to use, sleek interface
Weak Points: Can’t resize board on screen




Do you relish the satisfaction that accompanies crossing an item off of a to-do list? Then Trello is the app for you! This productivity app (also available as a web application) makes it easy for busy scientists to stay organized by allowing them to create to-do lists organized into separate “boards.” (For example, one board for lab experiments, one board for grant proposal deadlines, etc.) Individual items (or “cards”) in each list can be easily moved between lists by dragging and dropping, giving users a great sense of accomplishment as they move a card from the “in-progress” to “completed” list, for example. Individual cards can themselves be elaborated, such as by adding checklists, attachments, labels, or a due date. Teams can use Trello to coordinate amongst one another, as different team members can be assigned to individual cards. 

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