July 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 13)


Strong Points: Easy to use, convenient viewing features
Weak Points: Utility restricted to Transnetyx customers




I’m sure researchers in mouse labs will uniformly agree that the best part of mouse research is genotyping! (Just kidding, of course.) Fortunately, for labs that can afford it, this mundane task can often be passed to either a technician or outsourced altogether to a company. For labs that use Transnetyx as their outsourced genotyping solution, the Transnetyx mobile app now allows researchers to check the status of their genotyping orders and their results on-the-go. The app is pretty straightforward, without any frills. Under the “orders” section users can check the status or orders and view results. Included in this section is a nice swipe feature that allows users to mark samples with either red or green by simply swiping in one direction versus the other. The “strains” section of the app lets users view the complete list of genotyping protocols that are approved or awaiting approval, while the “search” features lets users search by order status, wellplate, strain, strain notes, or sample.

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