May 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 9)


Strong Points: Analyzes graphs, shows easy-to-edit formulas
Weak Points: Freezes up on iPad




There’s a lot of calculation power in this little app! The TouchPlot app for the iPhone is an easy-to-use graphing app that allows users to plot up to three functions at once. The app comes with two different formula editing modes, with the default “Algebraic mode” being very user-friendly. The app also includes a small selection of pre-made formulas from which users can select. Upon graphing one or more functions, the user can zoom in and out of the graph (the axes resize as one does so), as well as use the buttons at the bottom of the graph to find the zero, min, max, and points of intersection on the graph. One can also easily integrate user-defined regions along the graph. Some documentation is provided within in the app, though be warned that a link that appears on the iTunes Preview page and promises to take you to the app’s website, actually takes you to a French clothing store’s website.

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