December 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 21)


Strong Points: Intuitive to use
Weak Points: None


Free or $29.98/year for premium


Organizing and keeping track of tasks is one of the most difficult and most essential components of laboratory work. Todoist is a useful app that makes it easy to keep track of everything that you have going on. The app allows users to create tasks that need to be completed and organize those tasks within projects. Projects can be further organized into subfolders, making it easy to distinguish between different to-do lists contained in the same overarching project. Individual tasks can be assigned due dates, and the premium version of the app allows users to both set reminders for each task and to upload accompanying files to tasks. Projects can also be shared with other people, making Todoist an ideal app for coordinating tasks and experiments within a group of researchers. Staying on top of experiments and coordinating with collaborators can be difficult and time-consuming. Organizing tasks through Todoist can make it easier.

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