TeX Anywhere 

TeX Anywhere

Rating: Very good

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Cost: Free

Strong Points: Includes great examples, easy to write and save equations in the app.

Weak Points: Tedious to navigate between the glossary and the equation writing screen.

Have you ever noticed that the mathematical equations printed in scientific publications always look beautifully formatted and surprisingly alike? That’s most likely because they were built using LaTeX, a markup language that makes it incredibly easy to insert and format even the most arcane mathematical symbols. If you’d like to start using LaTeX or are a seasoned pro who wants to write out an equation on the go, then check out TeX Anywhere. The app provides users with accessible examples of how code in the markup language translates into the more familiar mathematical format. Once users are ready, they can begin writing out equations of their own with the help of a linked glossary of LaTeX commands. Users can save their equations in the app and keep their equations organized alphabetically or by date added. TeX Anywhere lives up to its title and is worth checking out.

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