Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Parameters are easily customizable

Weak Points: PCR function is great, but app is somewhat limited beyond that

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Cost: Free


STEMate is a handy app to have available when you’re trying to figure out the correct volumes and concentrations for your PCR master mix or for when you need to do a quick conversion. The app allows users to do quick dilution calculations based on initial concentration and final concentration and volume. Users can also do conversions between common units, such as volume, temperature, and length. The best feature of the app, however, is its PCR calculator. Users can enter custom PCR coefficients for each reagent and the number of samples they need to run in order to quickly and painlessly determine the necessary volumes. Additionally, the app provides built-in calculations for several commonly used PCR kits, for users who aren’t making their master mix from scratch. STEMate is a fairly simple app, but its easy interface and useful tools make it a great resource for scientists at the bench who are tired of double-checking their arithmetic.

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