April 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 7)


Strong Points: Nice explanations of quiz question solutions
Weak Points: Expensive for what you get




The Statistics X app is a useful educational resource for students and scientists who already have some basic knowledge of statistics. Content within the app is organized into seven categories: probability, random variables, distributions, sampling and experimental design, inference, regression, and visualizing data. Each of these categories contains a small number (typically 1–5) of lessons, each of which comprises a quiz, a formula sheet, and a video or two that walks app users through a practice problem. The formula sheets are useful resources; however, as they merely present equations without defining the variables within those equations, they will be of minimal use to true statistics beginners. Although the app is largely devoid of text explanations, nice explanations are provided for questions within the quizzes. Statistics X certainly has some utility, though the relatively high price (for an app in this style and on this topic) may deter some.

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