September 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 15)


Strong Points: Many calculations and graphing features
Weak Points: No background information on the calculations (other than equations)




Do you ever find yourself wishing you could analyze data on the go, without having to use your laptop? The Statistical Free app for the iPad/iPhone is a handy app that quickly and easily performs a number of population statistics calculations—such as mean, median, variance and standard deviation—on a user-inputted dataset. Users can copy and paste a series of numbers from another application or text editor, or they can use the numeric keypad within the app to manually enter a series of numbers. The resulting population statistics are displayed (along with the corresponding equations) on the “statistics” page in the app, while under the “graphs” section users can visualize the data as a bar graph, stem and leaf plot, or box and whisker plot. The graphs section also includes a list of Z-scores and the corresponding percentiles.

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