Spotxel Reader

Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Easy to upload and analyze plate images.

Weak Points: Full functionality has to be purchased.

Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

Cost: Free

Have you ever looked at your microarray plate on the bench and wished you could just take a picture with your phone and do some preliminary analysis right then and there? With the Spoxtel Reader app, now you can. Users can upload images of their microarray plates directly into the app from their phone’s camera roll. From there, the app allows users to adjust the dimensions of their assay setup, add names to wells and notes about their experiment, and assign standard concentrations to individual wells. Users can also plot a standard curve of the color intensity by concentration and save all their data from the plate right on the app. Spotxel Reader is a great app that makes it easier than ever to annotate and analyze your microarrays right from the convenience of your phone.

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