December 1, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 21)


Strong Points: Interesting concept, well-executed
Weak Points: Could provide more information about constellations




People often go out into the wilderness to stare at the stars without the glares of city lights or cell phones, but with Skyview your phone holds a new purpose out in the wild. Open the app, point your phone’s camera toward the heavens, and watch as Skyview fills in the constellations visible overhead. When you focus in on a constellation, the app responds by filling in the image that the constellation represents, and provides more information about the stars present. The app also points out the location of satellites like the Hubble Space Telescope, and has a search feature that allows the user to search for planets and other extraterrestrial objects. Although the app could provide more information about the objects it describes, overall it is a clever and well-designed aid to scanning the night skies. It’s a great app to help you unwind during a weekend away from the lab.

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