SecondLook Histology

SecondLook Histology

Rating: Good

Strong Points: Easy to navigate, slide decks are clear and easy to read.

Weak Points: Need to purchase additional slide decks to get full use out of the app.

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free (with optional in-app purchases)


SecondLook Histology, created by the University of Michigan, is a useful app for anatomy students looking for an additional study aid or for professionals who want to brush up on their identification skills. The “lite” version of the app contains a single slide deck with twenty slides of connective tissue samples. Each slide in the slide deck contains a labeled histological image and questions the user what each label is pointing to. Answers won’t reveal themselves unless the user explicitly clicks on the slide, allowing you to peruse through the whole deck or skip a slide you’re not sure on without revealing what the answers are. Although the free version of the app is very bare-bones (no pun intended), users can purchase additional decks corresponding to organ systems that they need to catch up on the most.

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