July 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 13)


Strong Points: Large collection of fluorophores and filters, nice layout
Weak Points: Only Semrock filters included




The SearchLight app by Semrock is a wonderful tool for researchers who use fluorescent microscopy (and is especially useful for researchers whose microscopes include Semrock filters). Despite the app’s focus on Semrock filters and filter sets, even non-Semrock customers will find it useful, as the spectrum viewer lets app users quickly visualize the excitation and emission spectra for a large number of fluorophores. The spectral properties of a number of light sources and detectors are also included. The layout of the app is thoughtful, providing users access to both the plot and menus in the same screen. On a separate screen, in-app calculators can calculate parameters like signal brightness, predicted autofluorescence, and the signal-to-noise ratios for specific fluorophore/filter combinations. Users can also choose to view the plot and calculator simultaneously using the split-screen view option.

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