Scribble Together Whiteboard

Rating: Very GoodScribble Together Whiteboard

Strong Points: Easy to use, similar to using an actual whiteboard

Weak Points: Screen sharing in real time requires a subscription

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Cost: Free

Scribble Together Whiteboard makes teaching online classes easy and fun. The app allows users to create a board, which starts out as a blank white page. Users can then use a variety of tools included on the app to mark up the board however they want. For example, users can write out their lessons using multiple pen colors, highlight important points, and easily select and erase what is drawn on the board. After completing the board, users can export it as a .pdf or share it as a link. Users can also share their board in real time, although this feature requires a subscription. Scribble Together Whiteboard is a great tool for brainstorming or teaching remotely and is definitely worth checking out.