Rating: Good

Strong Points: Interesting representation of microscopic objects, fun to browse through
Weak Points: Limited number of objects on the app

Platform: iPad/iPhone

Cost: $2.99

Science–Microcosm 3D is a fun little app that puts the size of our universe into perspective (on the microscopic scale, that is). Users can browse through objects as they get progressively smaller, starting from Robert Hooke’s microscope and going all the way down to the atom. There are a number of microscopic items to explore, including fleas, viruses, chromosomes, and molecules. The app provides a short description of each object, a 3D representation of it, and its approximate size. Although the app’s functionality is fairly limited and there are just over a dozen objects to explore, it is still fun to use and would be a great tool for students just starting to explore a bit of the microscopic world around us.

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