Rating: Very Good

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free

Strong Points: Useful search feature and an expansive database; links to references included.

Weak Points: App can be a bit buggy.

Genetic disorders and diseases affect a significant portion of the population, and it can be difficult to know what treatments are available and what current treatment guidelines are. Rx-Genes is a useful tool that collects information about genetic disorders and their current treatments into one app. Users can search the app using numerous categories, including gene name, disease name, treatment type, and disease frequency. For each disorder, the app provides information about associated genes, inheritance type, disease frequency, and treatment options. The app also includes links to references for proven and in-use treatment guidelines and procedures. Additionally, the app provides links to ongoing clinical trials examining emerging treatment techniques for particular diseases. Rx-Genes is a useful resource for healthcare professionals and researchers who want a comprehensive reference of genetic disorders and any associated treatments.

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