Researcher: Discover & Discuss

Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Easy to organize papers and choose topics of interest; numerous sources available on the app.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android

Cost: Free

It can be difficult to keep up with all the latest research in your field. Email newsletters from journals can quickly overrun your inbox, article posts on social media sites get bogged down in other distractions, and search engine alerts are tedious and time consuming to set up. Researcher: Discover & Discuss takes all that extra hassle out of perusing through the latest research in your field. The app allows users to tailor their experience by choosing broad fields or narrow niches of interest and collecting any relevant new research into one easily navigable home screen. On the app, users can scan abstracts from new papers and preprints, press releases from universities, and the latest news from your favorite websites (including GEN!). Users can bookmark articles of interest within the app and can even pull up the full text by setting up institutional access. Researcher: Discover & Discuss is an excellent app for keeping up with all the latest research that’s relevant to you.

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