May 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 9)


Strong Points: Lots of reactions, nice quiz feature, detailed mechanism views
Weak Points: None




Tired of making flashcards for organic chemistry reactions? The free ReactionFlash app includes over 250 named reactions in handy flashcard-like form. Each card consists of the name of the reaction, a brief description, and a drawing of the reactants and products. For a more detailed view, app users can choose to  display the electron-pushing mechanism. Another nifty feature of these particular reaction flashcards is the ability to view real examples of each reaction from published literature or patents. The reactions are organized alphabetically within the app, although users can filter the results by reaction category (such as oxidations, reductions, or fragmentations). Results can also be filtered by “level” to display only basic, advanced, or master-level reactions. An interactive quiz feature of the app presents the user with a slot machine-like display wherein the user must scroll to select the appropriate reactants and products.

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