March 1, 2017 (Vol. 37, No. 5)


Strong Points: Easy integration of physical and virtual notes
Weak Points: None


Free (in-app purchases)


For all of the digital wonders that scientists regularly incorporate into their workflow, there is also something to be said about good ol’ fashioned paper organizational tools like Post-it® notes. With the Post-it Plus app you can now easily combine the best of both worlds! With the app’s camera, users can capture images of their physical Post-it notes and digitize them, with the captured notes appearing in their own “board” within the app. To that board, app users can also add new “digital Post-its” from within the app, with the option of four different colors of markers. With a $1.99 upgrade to the “editor’s pack,” users have additional options for their digital notes such as different colored sticky notes and an eraser to edit one’s scribbles. Users can easily rearrange notes (both digitally imported and digitally created) within and between boards, and can export boards in a number of formats.

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