Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips

Rating: Very Good

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Cost: Free

Strong Points: Can choose from multiple types and brands of pipettes.

Weak Points: Exclusively provides Thermo Fisher products.

There’s nothing more frustrating than checking multiple boxes of pipette tips only to find that none of them fit the pipette you need to use. If you’re tired of this guessing game, check out the Pipette Tips app from Thermo Fisher. The app allows users to choose their pipette from several common brands and volumes. Users can also add their pipette tip specifications, such as whether the tips need to be sterile or if they should be individually wrapped. Once all the specifications are updated, the app provides available options for pipette tips to purchase. Users can double-check the specifications and, if everything is up to par, add the tips directly to their cart. The app’s cart provides options to save the information, email it to whoever does your ordering, and request a quote from the company. Since it’s a Thermo Fisher app, the only pipette tips suggested are produced by the company. However, it’s a convenient tool for checking what tips are available for all the pipettes littering your bench.

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