July 1, 2013 (Vol. 33, No. 13)


Strong Points: Easy to use, can customize many colors
Weak Points: Only basic template (and 48-well plate) is free




Just when you thought you’ve seen apps for everything, something comes along to prove you wrong. Allow me to introduce Pipette Guide 48, an iPad app designed to help researchers keep track of their samples when pipetting into a 48-well plate. (I know, the app is very specific… In case you are interested in pipetting aids for other sizes of well plates, you can be comforted that this app’s developer has designed a suite of these pipette guides for different plates. However, only the 48-well app is free.) So how does one use this app? Well, simply place your well plate on top of your iPad, which will display a color-customized plate (sized correctly) that you set up beforehand. Users can customize individual wells of the plate template with different colors to denote different types of samples. Thus, when you begin to pipette, you won’t lose your place or make (as many) mistakes.

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