January 1, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 1)


Strong Points: Nicely organized, good amount of content
Weak Points: Some language might be too technical for patients




While the PillTalk app is marketed to medical professionals as a medication counseling resource, both clinicians and patients may find the PillTalk app to be a useful reference. The app contains a large number of medications that are listed alphabetically and which can also be searched. Both the common name and drug name of each medication is given. The information page for each medication includes content such as indications, administration, drug interactions, and side effects (though not all of these are given for every drug in the app). App users can add personal notes to specific medications, which can be easily accessed from the homepage of the app, and they can also mark individual medications as “favorites.” Medical information within the app is presented in a simplified and brief format, but some of the language may be too technical for nonmedical professionals.

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