Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Well organized and very informative, and includes videos for each topic

Weak Points: Need to pay to access full utility of the app

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free

Oncology—Understanding Disease is an excellent resource for gaining a deeper understanding about the clinical presentations of cancer and current methods of treatment. The app is divided into sections based on cancer type, such as breast cancer or prostate
cancer. Each section goes into deeper detail about all facets of the disease, including risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment. Each section includes animated videos that provide more information about the particular topic. The app also allows the users to take their own notes while going through each section, view the transcripts for each video, and leave feedback about the app. Although the app is free to download, users do have to purchase additional content, such as expanding the app to cover different types of cancers. However, Oncology— Understanding Disease is worth it for users who want detailed overviews of different types of cancers and how to diagnose and treat them.

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