Neurosurgical Atlas

Neurosurgical Atlas

Rating: Excellent

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free.

Strong Points: Extensive descriptions of numerous neurosurgeries that include images; additional videos and webinars available in-app.

The Neurosurgical Atlas is an excellent reference for medical students and healthcare providers. The app includes numerous resources that cover a wide range of neurology and neurosurgery topics. The “Volumes” section includes information both about nervous system anatomy and neurosurgeries, ranging from cranial nerve compression syndromes and epilepsy surgery to spinal cord surgery and neurotrauma. Each section is divided into more specific topics, which also feature actual images from procedures. The app also contains videos of various neurosurgeries being performed and grand rounds webinars that go more in-depth about emerging techniques. In addition to medical topics, the app also covers important information for healthcare providers, such as how to prevent burnout and what to expect as a neurosurgery resident. The Neurosurgical Atlas is a comprehensive database that is an invaluable resource for medical students and healthcare professionals alike.

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