January 1, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 1)


Strong Points: Nice graphics, load quickly
Weak Points: No key or information about neuroanalytical pathways




The Neuro Localizer app is a handy resource for clinicians and medical students learning to conduct exams to localize neurological lesions. The app is the product of a group of neurologists at the University of Michigan, who also happen to have a sense of humor. The “patient” displayed on the home screen of the app is a gingerbread man, which app users use to select the location (arm, leg, etc.) of the neurological deficit. (Deficits fall into the categories of weakness, numbness, and reflexes). From there, the app switches from gingerbread man to human nervous system, displaying schematized versions of ascending and descending pathways and allowing the user to further define specific symptoms to localize the lesion. Unfortunately there is no key describing (or even naming) the schematized pathways, so the app’s utility as a reference is limited in that regard.

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