Rating: Very Good

Strong Points: Excellent app for hands-on learning about artificial
neural networks, includes helpful explanations.

Weak Points: App interface is pretty basic

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Cost: Free

Artificial neural networks are a powerhouse of data processing and are instrumental to tasks as varied as image recognition, language processing, and market analysis. If you’re curious  about how they work, or how to implement your own, check out the NeuLab app. The app allows users to build and test their very own neural network, from setting parameters such as the number of layers and weight range, all the way up to training and testing your model. Users can import data files to see how their network performs, and in-app features like AutoPrune allow users to get a sense of how tweaking parameters and connections can improve the effectiveness of their model. The app has a fairly straightforward interface but does include a great overview of neural networks and how they work, and useful tips for navigating the app. Neural networks are murky by nature, but NeuLab is an excellent tool for getting a better sense of how they work and how to implement them.

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