NCATS OpenData COVID-19 Portal

Rating: Very Good.

Strong Points: Provides informative overview about the portal,
consolidates many preclinical and clinical resources.

Weak Points: Requires users to follow separate link to get to data portal.

Novel scientific advances have been critical in the fight against COVID-19, but another useful approach is testing existing drugs for their effectiveness against SARSCoV-2. The OpenData COVID-19 Portal, maintained by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, is a great resource for basic and translational researchers interested in repurposing old drugs to fight this new threat. The website contains a link to the portal itself, where researchers can examine outcomes for the thousands of drugs already tested. The portal includes screening data, information about the drugs’ therapeutic effects on different variants, and current multiomic efforts. In addition to linking to the portal, the website includes numerous resources for preclinical researchers, such as assay guidance manuals and informatics tools, and additional resources for clinical researchers, such as courses on good clinical practice and information about regulatory guidelines in different regions.

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