April 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 7)


Strong Points: Both summary and electron-pushing diagrams
Weak Points: Need internet connection for online resources




Students of organic chemistry can use this free study aid to help them remember the difference between a Grignard reaction and a Michael addition, as well as all of those other reactions that have people’s names associated with them. Well, some of those other reactions. The free “lite” version of the app comes equipped with 26 reactions, whereas an upgrade to the “pro” version (for $9.99) gives you access to over 300 reactions. Each reaction in the app is diagrammed in an overview image, and users can tap this image to reveal the electron-pushing mechanism. A brief description accompanies each entry, describing the reaction and its discovery. The app also provides web links to online resources such as ChemSpider and Wikipedia for each entry.

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