January 1, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 1)


Strong Points: Many viewing options, great image rendering
Weak Points: Slightly more expensive than similar apps




The Molecule World app is a very nice molecule-viewing app that offers additional features not found in similar products. The app comes preloaded with 12 structures ranging from small molecules like caffeine to macromolecules like GFP, though app users have the ability to download any structure (either PDB or Cn3D files) from databases like PubChem or Protein Data Bank. In addition to standard molecule viewing features like different view options (e.g., ball and stick versus spacefill) and pinch-and-zoom navigation, this app also provides a number of display options that allow app users to visualize chemical properties such as charge and hydrophobicity on a residue-by-residue basis. Users can also display a protein’s amino acid sequence at the bottom of the screen, which will be similarly colored according to chemical property.

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